Clam Shells (or Calottes) - Used to secure thread ends or wire.  A tiny hole in which your thread goes through, either knot your thread or crimp your wire and close together with pliers.

Cord ends - Stringing materials are placed inside and sides can be folded over to secure your finished piece.

Crimps - Tiny (extremely tiny) metal beads that can be squashed flat to secure clasps to your pieces in place or using to space beads out on a illusion necklace.

Earrings - Can be for non-pierced or pierced ears, can have cabochon (to stick on a flat back bead), shepherd hook earwires, leaver hook, chandelier, studs etc.

Eye Pins - Same as a head pin, but instead of a flat or ball, it has a loop already made, which can be opened and closed.

Headpins - A straight wire which has a flat, or ball shape on the bottom of it, which you can thread beads onto to make earrings, pendants, dangles.

Jump rings (Open) - Round or Oval can be used to connect clasps onto finished pieces of jewellery, use flat nose pliers to open and close the rings

Jump Rings (Closed) - Like open jump rings but a soldered to make a solid ring, nice and secure.

Split Rings - Like a key ring has, and like a jump rings, but the two ends cross over, to make a more secure connection.



Hook & Eye - One part is like a s-shape, the other is like a number 8, the s-shape hooks into the 8 shape.  Easy to open and close - a lovely clasp to use.

Magnetic Fasteners - A popular clasp as it isn't fiddly or difficult to fasten.  Better on lightweight necklaces and bracelets.

Multi-Strand Clasps - Can be in various styles of clasps, toggle, box style, slider.

Screw Barrel - A barrel shaped clasp, that screws together.

Toggle - A T-Bar and Hoop/ring.

Trigger/Lobster - You more traditional claps used - these have a spring loaded trigger for opening.